MegaSeg is a Mac based music mixing program with many practical features, perfectly suited for the mobile DJ. Fidelity Media Inc. has made a software program that is easy to use and very reliable. The company’s vision is ‘to simplify music mixing and library management for mobile DJ’s, radio stations, and other music related industries’.

When MegaSeg was initially introduced about 10 years ago, music mixing programs for the Mac were few and far between. Since the earliest version, the look and feel of Megaseg has basically remained consistent without any major visual modifications. Fidelity Music Inc. offers fine support and has steadily provided registered users with regular MegaSeg updates when needed.

MegaSeg is fully compatible with the latest Mac OS Leopard and is a Universal Binary, running equally well on Power PC or Intel Processors, on the Mac. The program is very stable, and I have never experienced a problem during testing or while ‘gigging’ using current version 4.1

MegaSeg provides the option to import your Playlists that you have created in iTunes, allowing new functionality for mixing and managing all those musical lists with which you are already familiar. There is comfort in knowing that the MegaSeg Library works quite similar to iTunes in the sense that song titles can be found by name, artist and so on, as well as genres.

You can easily create your own customized musical sets, to quickly and conveniently access your entire musical library including finding the corresponding song file on your hard drive with the ‘Show File’ command. With MegaSeg you will be easily mixing your digital music within minutes of the first launch.

While songs can be cued Manually from one tune to the next, there are a number of crossfade options to choose from. In addition, the Automatic Crossfade feature will allow a ‘one person interactive DJ performer’ to entertain out on the dance floor while MegaSeg switches the music automatically. This automatic feature is also going to be very handy for the DJ when having to deal with distractions such as personally discussing requests with clients while not worrying about musical interruptions.

Beat Mixing in Megaseg is possible but is not the program’s most elegant feature. Hopefully, visual sound waves or a blinking LED’s for Beat Mixing will be something possibly added to Megaseg in the future. As far as future ‘wish lists’ are concerned, it would also be very useful to be able to play and control within MegaSeg the tracks from a CD that has been temporarily inserted into the CD tray of the computer, as if it were added to the MegaSeg Library without actually having to import the tracks to the computer. When the CD is ejected the tracks eject as well, with no interruptions. Maybe in the next version, who knows?

MegaSeg can be used with or without its ‘Virtual Controller’ display and the Virtual Controller can now be set to appear automatically upon each re-launch. MegaSeg is fully MIDI compatible, a list of compatible external controllers can be found on

With the use of a secondary sound card such as the USB Griffin iMic, it is very economical and easy to set up MegaSeg to be able to personally preview or cue music within the library by headphone while other musical selections are playing on the main output. MegaSeg preferences work well with the Mac OS X system prefs to allow quick and easy setup for a system that always works with no hassles or unpredictable results. This is an important consideration for the mobile DJ where quick and easy set up is needed.

In summary, MegaSeg is a great Music Mixing Program for the Mac that is of excellent value, reliable and well worth the investment to any music professional. Home users will find MegaSeg a great way to access, listen and enjoy an extensive personal musical library beyond the limits of iTunes. If you are interested in trying out MegaSeg, go the the website, download the demo and take it for a spin. MegaSeg can be purchased on line for $249.00


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