Speck is a case company out of California that provides great protection for computers, in particular Macintosh products. The company’s Vision is to design, “functionality and personality into everything’, into their products and that ‘delicate stuff protected can be just as stylish as they are protective!’ In the opinion of this reviewer, Speck is a company that fulfills their customers commitments.

At andPOP, we see our share of iPod cases and the Speck ‘Tough Skin’ line is above the crowd for many reasons. The Tough Skin cases are available for the entire iPod line up and will offer maximum protection for any iPod. We closely inspected the Tough skin for the iPod Nano and this case was a great choice! Complimenting a textured ‘rubber grip design’ that fits like a glove, the Tough Skin includes a hard clear shell to protect the shiny screen from scuffs and scratches. There is also a rotating belt clip that can be completely removed should you prefer to carry your iPod without the protruding belt clip connections. The custom fitted design of this case, provides complete access to all the openings and all connections including the dock. The Tough case is an excellent choice for the current iPods for protection, style and convenience.

Visit Speck for more information.


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