Who knew that a laptop stand could be so cool!
Promoted as the ‘World’s thinnest portable laptop Stand’ that is designed to extend the life of your laptop as well as your wrists, the AViiQ Portable Laptop Stand is ‘ready  to go when you are’ – literally. The AviiQ portable laptop stand is the laptop stand that is designed for people on the go. While other laptop stands are big, bulky and stationary, the AViiQ is a laptop stand that is designed for convenience and portability – and it works like this.

Constructed out of Hylite, a material that is composed of aluminum and polypropylene, the AviiQ portable laptop stand is flexible and rigid, easily strong enough to manage the weight of a MacBook Pro. The AviiQ portable laptop stand sets up in a second and folds down ultra thin when you are ready to go. When folded, for portability, the AviiQ  laptop stand is about the size of a piece of letter sized paper and weight only 5.5 ounces – has great strength, the weight of a feather and helps to distribute heat efficiently.

State of the Art – Technology meets Design

What does all this mean? It means that the AviiQ portable laptop stand can fit comfortably into a briefcase along with your Laptop and still leave space for lots of other items. It means your laptop will continue to operate at a cool temperature, extending the life of your laptop. The manufacturer claims, If the AviiQ portable laptop stand is used consistently, there is every possibility that the AviiQ will extend the life of your laptop and the life of the battery by up to 3 years, which in the end will more than compensate for the original cost of the AviiQ laptop stand.

But not only is the AviiQ portable laptop stand a practical product, the AviiQ portable laptop stand is also elegant and beautify designed. The AviiQ portable laptop stand comes in a variety of colours and finishes – white, black, silver and titanium.

Visit the AviiQ portable laptop stand website and view the online video to see the AviiQ portable laptop stand in action. I think you will agree that the AviiQ portable laptop stand is about as impressive and as useful as a laptop stand can be, complete with a no risk 30 day money back guarantee.

Available on line: $59.99


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