M-Audio promotes the new C series Fast Track recording interfaces to be the best sounding, best looking and most feature rich audio interfaces they have ever designed. When M-Audio designed the new C Series audio interface, the company wanted to use technology from their higher line of interfaces with the aim of delivering exceptional sound quality by including boutique quality pre amps and premium audio converters . M-Audio claims to have sought customer input in order to create a completely redesigned form factor, with the intention of simplifying the music making process for the user.

Top Panel Design
The Fast Track C series audio interfaces feature top panel knobs and buttons, designed for quick, single handed operation with input controls on the left and output controls on the right. On the right panel is a new feature to the C series which is called a ‘multi button’. The idea of the muti button is to provide immediate access to the software functions you use most to help simplify common work flows.

The Rear Panel of the Fast Track C400 includes the following connections: A pair of mic/line Inputs, 2 pairs of Monitor Outputs, a S/PDIF input and Output, one Pair of MIDI in and outs, the USB connection and a Kensington Lock connector slot.

Connections on the Rear Panel of the Fast Track C400

Key Features of the Fast Track C400 M-Audio Interface:
– Includes Pro Tools SE Recording Software
– 4 x 6, 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface
– Assignable top-panel Multi button
– Near-zero latency monitor mixer with built-in reverb and delay effects
– Built-in monitor management system

For the mixing process, the sound engineer will often want to be able to check the mix on multiple speakers to hear how that mix translates by A/B ‘ing the mix. The Fast Track C series features a built in monitor mix management that is simple to use without the need to invest in additional hardware and cables. The Fast track C 400 allows the user to connect up to 2 sets of different monitors. Therefore with the C 400 it is simple and economical to hear your mix on multiple speakers to get the assurance that your mix will sound good on different speakers.

Drive Mixer Software for the Fast Track C400 by M-Auido

When setting up the the Fast Track C400 it is important to download the lastest software drivers for your operating system before connecting the Fast Track hardware to your computer. The much improved look and feel of the Fast Track Driver/Mixer software is a welcome enhancement from previous versions of M-Audio software, particularly for the Macintosh.

Another important requirement when using the Fast Track C400 is to minimize the number of  USB devices connected to your computer in order to avoid overloading the USB bus. Never having experienced this particular power issue before with an audio interface, it is a mystery to us, as to why M-Audio did not engineer a socket for an external power supply in the design for the Fast Track C 400 as had been done with previous Audio interface models. Never needed to ever use an external power supply for any previous M-Audio interface however, the Fast Track C400 caused this USB alert to appear…

Suffice it to say that M-Audio is a respected, experienced brand in the world of computer Audio interfaces. The Fast track C400 is a very smart looking, thoughtfully laid out audio interface in a compact size and is compatible with a wide range of music creation software. With many new enhancements, when correctly configured to your computer, the Fast Track C series offers the ability to create music quickly and creatively on both the Mac or the PC.

Retails at:
Fast Track C400 Audio Interface/Pro Tools SE $309.95 MSRP


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