There is no doubt, Cadence Watch Company is on to something special.
Cadence is an E-commerce watch company offering an interesting line of stylish watches at an affordable price point complete with an excellent warranty policy. What makes the Cadence watch line unique is the Company’s stylistic attention to particular niche markets.

‘The watch is classy enough to wear with on any occasion, while geeky enough to make a good conversation starter.’

Geek is Good
Andpop got a first hand look at the 4 bit binary watch, with a large white clock face, easy to read dial and quality looking genuine black leather band. Instead of Arabic or Latin Numerals, the numbers on the large white face of this model are represented in 4-bit binary code. This 4 bit binary watch requires an internal battery but Cadence offers a similar watch face from theirEcomatic Line with an automatic movement (self winding, no battery) and a green coloured cotton band which looks hip and would probably really appeal to people who support alternatives to the use of leather.

Learning Binary code for the fun of it
To read the time on the watch, of course you don’t need to take a course in 4 bit binary, but once again, a little knowledge can be a great conversational opener.

 Each of the four boxes represents the numbers 8, 4, 2, and 1. When looking at the dial of the 4-Bit Watch, the least significant bit will always be on the outside of the dial. For instance 8 will always be the box closest to the hands with 4 being second, 2 third and 1 closest to the outside. For example at 5 o’clock 4 and 1 are highlighted – see figure 1 for more examples.

Great Looking Time Pieces
If the ‘geek oriented’ design of the 4 bit doesn’t turn you on, then maybe the 4:20 watch collectionby Cadence will do the job – another excellent conversational starter. Even if you don’t subscribe to High Times or have any clue as how to interpret the 4 bit binary, these Cadence watches are still great looking time pieces -with a conversational hook.

The Legend
As I understand it, some time ago, the company’s founder had designed a stroke rate watch that was able to monitor the rower’s strokes for the rowing community. Apparently, selling these stroke rate watches right from his own boat deck was such a success, the company’s founder decided to develop a new line of watch specifically designed for particular, if not peculiar niche markets.

The Design
The Cadence design team apparently considers very seriously its customer feedback and developes their watch line accordingly. Just take look at the Collective line, the Josh Chadwich Watch to see just how interesting and versatile watch designs have become within the Cadence line.

As originally mentioned, Cadence watches are available only online by way of E-commerce so if you’re interested in a great looking watch at an affordable price with some stimulating design characteristics, visit the Cadence website ‘geek treats’ today- Oh it’s 4:20…I gotta go!

Cadence Watch – Retails on line: $90.00


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