I had the opportunity to use  the iKlip during a performance. Where , as a singer, I would usually use printed lyrics on paper to refer to during a performance, the iKlip was an amazing replacement. Aside from the fact that iKlip with my iPad looks looks real cool, in an outdoor performance the iKlip/iPad combination didn’t blow around like the paper lyrics do and then in a dark environment, you can see the information on the iPad because  of course, the iPad is back lit. The iKlip is quite adjustable in terms on angles and can orient the iPad for a landscape or portrait position. Unfortunately, once you set up the orientation on the iKlip, it takes a bit if re-assembly to change the orientation. But other than the orientation situation, the iKlip is a wonderful, useful tool for musicians and singers who wish to use their iPad attached to a mic stand at a proper viewing angle, instead of chasing the ancient paper method as your lyrics or music flutter away in the wind.

IKlip is only ONE of many clever and useful products and software packages available form
IK Multimedia, whose motto is ‘Musicians First’. The people at IK Multimedia are really thinking ‘music’ and for all its simplicity, iKlip is a very practical, well built iPad accessory for musicians. Once you have an iKlip, you’ll love it and wonder how you ever lived without it.

• Sturdy, durable thermoplastic construction with sure-grip touch points — securely holds iPad
* Compatible with iPad, iPad 2* and iPad 3rd generation
* Universal stand clip securely attaches to microphone stand
* Multi-angle adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing
* Quick-snap clips provide fast, secure iPad insertion
* iKlip installs on your mic stand in seconds, both horizontal or vertical orientation

iKlip Retails $39.99


The iKlip family of products also includes iKlip Studio which is an adjustable desktop stand, specifically designed for musicians. The iKlip Studio holds an iPad firmly in place at a good viewing angle and provides a sturdy base when using synthesizers Apps, beat-pads and other controllers. These types of apps which invite physical tapping of the iPad touch screen, can be played energetically without having the iPad  sliding or moving all over the place. iKlip Studio folds completely flat so it can be inserted into a carry bag for ultimate convenience. The iKlip Studio, which is of thermoplastic construction, is sturdy, durable, lightweight and shock-resistant.

iKlip Studio Features
• Rubber foot-pads grip the desktop and prevent slipping and  sliding
• Flexible orientation allows iKlip Studio to tilt to a variety of convenient viewing angles
• iKlip Studio can be rotated between its horizontal and vertical position
• All controls, buttons, connectors and camera of the iOS device are accessible
• Includes detachable iRig bracket for the AmpliTube range of apps or any other guitar effects app

iKlip Studio Retails $29.99

IK Multimedia, Making great products for Musicians, stay tuned for reviews on more great IK Multimedia products and software. iKlip and iKlip Studio Ratings, both:


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