Griffin Technology offers two cool accessories for portable computers, laptops and Macbooks. TheGriffin Elevator Desktop Stand for laptops is a very stylish stand with a brushed aluminum finish that allows you to raise any laptop up off the desk by about 5 inches. The Griffin Elevator Desktop stand is a solid pro style stand that benefits your health and increases your comfort.


In addition, the stand will provide a space to store an external keyboard and mouse or for placement of various items so that you can instantly have more space on your desktop. From a technical point of view the Griffin Elevator Desktop stand helps with the circulation of air to keep your laptop running cooler.

I was really surprised just how more convenient it is to have the laptop raised up off the desktop and how much more additional physical desktop this positioning provides. I have to admit, this  Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand is a little gem that is hard to live without once you have tried it.

  • Main Features
  • Elevates Laptop Screen 5.5″
  • Provides Laptop with 360° of Air Flow
  • Conforms to Health & Safety Standards
  • Brushed Aluminum Finish Adds Style
  • Clears Desktop of Clutter & Wires
  • Allows External Keyboard & Mouse Hook-Up
  • Holds Laptops Securely
  • Compatible w/ All PC & Mac Laptops

Retails: $34.99


‘An estimated 1 million laptops will be stolen this year. And the FBI reports that 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered. And while the threat of industrial espionage is a real one, most laptop thefts are crimes of opportunity. So when you take just a few seconds to lock down your laptop, you remove the opportunity that lies at the center of most laptop thefts.’

The Griffin Techsafe Cable Lock is simply a quality made cable lock system for your laptop to basically keep others from easily wandering off with your laptop as it sits on a desk. What makes the Griffin Techsafe Cable Lock of interest is the use of the Patented hardened steel LockBlade that is designed to slide through the laptop hinge. There is the usual cable (in this case hardened steel) which is 1.5-meter in length that provides a connection from the laptop combination lock to a secure item such as a desk leg. Griffin provides a 4-digit combination lock which comes with a factory supplied security code that you must memorize because you cannot configure your own combination . TechSafe Cable Lock secures whether your laptop is open or closed positioning.

This TechSafe Cable Lock is a nice piece of hardware that is certainly worth considering if you are in the market for a security device for your laptop.

Retails: $29.99


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