Griffin has come up with many fantastic accessories for gadget users over the years.  Whether it was a car charger for an iPod, or a cradle for a smartphone, Griffin has a solution in accessory form to suit almost anyone’s needs.  They have recently integrated several of their accessory gadgets into one package as the ultimate solution for iPhone / iPod touch users.  Auxiliary (AUX) ports are becoming more and more common in vehicles these days.  People bring their iPhones / iPods into the car and need a handy place to mount their iPods while they drive.  The dilemma is that drivers still need to beg able to access the screen to choose their music. Griffin’s TuneFlex AUX Handsfree is the answer.

The TuneFlex AUX Handsfree for iPhone and iPod touch is essentially a car charger with a long flexible steel neck and swiveling cradle that holds your iPhone or iPod where you want it.  You can bend and angle the neck however you like, so that the iPhone is facing you and can be easily accessed to pick songs and answer calls while you are on the go.

The cradle has a mounting bracket to hold the iPhone or iPod securely and ensure it doesn’t fall off the charger.  The TuneFlex is compatible With iPhone and iPod Models With A 30 – Pin Dock Connector, so the cradle will keep your iPhone / iPod fully charged while you are listening to music or chatting with your friends.  If you keep your iPhone or iPod safe in a case, fear not.  The TuneFlex is a Case – friendly cradle.  It is wide enough to hold the iPhone or iPod in its case, and the depth of the cradle can be adjusted using the adjustable wheel at the back of the case.  Even those of you with massive otterbox cases will be able to use this product without the hassle of removing your phone from it’s case.

The cradle comes with an AUX / Microphone cable that connects your iPhone / iPod to your car stereo.  The cable provides high quality audio from the iPhone / iPod to the car speakers.  The cable also features a high – sensitivity hands – free microphone for phone calls.  I use this feature frequently and the people on the other end of the calls can’t tell that I am on speaker phone.

This unit is good, but it is not without its flaws.  The manual says that through the AUX cable, the audio from phone calls will be ported to the car’s speakers, but it will not do that.  No matter how many iPhones I’ve tried, regardless of firmware, model, or O/S, it will not work.  I am forced to use the phone’s mediocre speaker function.  It serves it’s purpose, but when I am on the highway I have a hard time hearing the people I am on the phone with.

The other issue is a physical one.  The cradle is meant to be totally adjustable.  You can turn, bend and angle the case in a variety of ways.  This is a great feature, but when I am turning with any speed, the phone becomes wobbly, and will totally turn to it’s side while in the cradle.  The case would benefit from locking into place at various angles and being made adjustable.  The rotation mechanism gets looser and looser by the day and I fear that over time it will turn very easily and at inopportune times.  It’s a pain in the butt and needs to be addressed in future models.

Overall, the TuneFlex AUX is a handy tool.  It has its flaws, but it also has it’s perks.  The bugs definitely need to be addressed, but this is still a fantastic gadget for all iPhone / iPod users in their cars and I highly recommend it.

For more information, visit Griffin’s web site.



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