With all the iPad holder gadgets out on the market, it’s hard to believe that its possible to still find a device that really stands out. The iPad Pivot is an innovative, versatile and definitely unique mechanism for use with the iPad for the following reasons: the iPad Pivot folds, supports multiple orientations, provides for various viewing angles, is very compact and is very reasonably priced.

It seems that Canadian inventor Bernie Graham along with American product designer Jim Young worked together to produce a really amazing device. The iPad Pivot has an elegant curved base that comfortably rests upon one’s thigh allowing a comfortable viewing angle for the iPad while at the same time providing the device with a very stable support system. This same curved base will provide solid support of an iPad, in both orientations, on a table top surface as well. But the innovation does not stop there with the iPad Pivot because the iPad Pivot neatly folds up into a tiny rectangular shape that easily fits into a pant pocket or a small briefcase when it is necessary to be on the go.

The iPad Pivot is constructed of a strong plastic for reliability, has a ‘sure grip’ material to prevent slipping on the desk surface and comes with a feature called ‘nano suction’ that allows the iPad Pivot to support an iPad in the unique position of resting on one’s upper leg. To see the iPad Pivot in action, the online iPad Pivot video really does an excellent job of showing the versatility and clever range of design features that make the iPad Pivot and excellent choice for anyone who is in need of a truly great, versatile iPad stand. See the iPad Pivot video at


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