Let’s face it, USB hubs are not exactly created to look nice on your desk. They’re typically clunky looking boxes and only serve a single purpose, to provide additional USB ports.

Enter the Satechi 7 port powered USB Hub. It’s elegantly designed to complement the computer on your desk, making it appear as an extension of your computer, rather than some add on device. It’s slim, strip-shaped design includes a brushed aluminum finish, matching Apple’s laptop and desktop product design. The hub is slightly angled, so it’s easily accessible and inserting a USB device won’t require any fussing around with the unit. It includes 7 USB 3.0 powered ports, providing a data transfer rate of up to 5Gbps, and it’s backwards compatible with USB 2 and USB 1 devices. The only complaint we have about this product is the power brick, as it’s almost the same size of the hub itself, but hopefully you can hide this behind your desk.

The Satechi 7 port USB hub works with Windows, Mac and Linux systems with no additional software. Simply plug the hub into your existing USB port, wait for the blue LED light to turn on and you’re all set to go. It’s available in a black trim or white trim for $69.99 and you can pick one up at


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