No need to take unnecessary chances when driving and talking on your phone. TheSupertooth Bluetooth Buddy is yet another handy mobile phone device to allow hands free use of a cell phone in a car. On the front panel of the Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy, there is the power button, the ‘END’ button that can be used to end a conversation and the volume controls on the top. On the left side is a visible slot where the built in microphone is located and on the back is a magnetic surface that will hold the metal visor clip in place. Finally there is also a Micro USB port on the rear as well. 
The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is quite thin, measuring 14.6 x 49 x 129 mm and weighs a mere 64 grams.

The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is a device to be used in cars to receive phone calls without having to fiddle with the phone. Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy uses Bluetooth 2.1 and is compatible with any Bluetooth capable cell phone. To setup the Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy in your car, no installation tools are required, just take the metal clip and slide it onto the closest sun visor. The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy unit will now snap onto the back the Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy and stay securely in place by way of the magnetic attraction.

It only takes a couple of minutes to ‘Pair’ the device to the Bluetooth and hands free communication will be conveniently established. To receive a call when your phone is ringing, simply press the GREEN Button on the front panel of the Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy and crystal clear hands free communication begins. The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is specked to provide 20 hours of talk time, 1000hours of standby time and will take about 3 hours to charge. The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy can be charged when necessary, in the car, using the supplied cigarette lighter charging adapter.

-Full Duplex
-Anti Echo Microphone
-Digital Volume Control
-Call waiting
-Voice recognition (if phone supports it)
-Last call redial
-Can also be charged from a PC via USB cable
-Compact size and weight – 14.6 x 49 x 129 mm, 64 grams

Overall, the Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is very simple to use, it does what is says it will do and is reasonably priced. The Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is a very useful device for hands free communications in the car but the only drawback with this Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy is the lack of voice answer capabilities. Retailing for about $50.00, Supertooth Bluetooth Buddy comes with a micro USB cable, a USB car charger, a Visor Clip and a user manual.


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