Launched on Kickstarter last month, the SETA stand is the first smartphone holder to use NanoSuction technology, securing your phone easily and elegantly on your desk.

SETA was developed by George Bashaw of 1.0 Innovations and features a curved L shape stand with a T-Channel, large enough to support just about any smartphone charging cord. Moreover, the SETA stand features two NanoSuction pads, one to secure the stand to your desk and the other to secure your phone. NanoSuction pads securely grip your phone, acting like a strong magnet or adhesive, yet do not leave any residue on the phone when it’s removed. SETA supports just about every smartphone and even small tablets.

We used our stand next to our computer and on the bedroom night table. It’s perfectly set so you’re always getting that optimal viewing angle and if you notice the NanoSuction pad is losing some of it’s grip, simply clean the excess dirt off with some tape or dab it with a damp cloth, returning that original stickiness.

For those of you who want to continue using a case that won’t stick to the stand or want to use your device hands free, a standalone NanoSuction pad is included.

SETA is available in several colours including silver, white, black, pink, red & blue for just $25 onKickstarter.

We highly recommend this product. In fact, we think you should buy at least 2


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