If Darwin was observing the tech revolution, we suspect the evolution ofthe USB flash drive would likely be noted in his journal of interesting developments. It is fascinating to watch just how the USB memory chip has now evolved to a mere fraction of the size it was only months ago. What practical adaptations are there for the miniaturization of the actual conventional USB Flash Drive?

Both functional and fun, a Verbatim Store n go Car Audio eight gig USB Drive, smaller than the nail on your thumb, is a very handy, simple solution for listening to music in your car.  If your car is equipped with a USB slot for the sound system and you like using a flash drive to play your mp3’s but you don’t like how the flash drive sticks out, the Verbatim Store n Go Audio USB Flash drive blends in with the dashboard of your car because it only porturdes out less than a quarter of an inch – when the flash drive is not in the slot, just don’t lose it.

Of course, 8 gigs of flash memory is plenty of memory storage to load enough MP3s for a long road trip without having to repeat any of your songs: Retails approximately: $30.00


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