Slickwraps is an company making interesting cases for mobile devices. We have our hands on a Mahogany Wood Full body Slickwrap case for the iPhone 4s. Since not everyone has a huge chunk of change or time to immediately race out and purchase a new iPhone every time Apple graces us with a new release, the next best strategy may be to consider getting a ‘new warm & fuzzy’ simply by upgrading the gadget’s operating system to iOS7 and of course dressing up your trusty old reliable iPhone in a new set of ‘phants’ (phone pants). It’s a sensible strategy, it works and its is even more justifiable in that we can afford Apple a bit more time to road test its new releases with the early adopters.

slickwraps woodgrainThe Slickwraps woodgrain series will really impress the  person with down to earth sensibilities. The Slickwraps 4S Mahogany iPhone 4S  case has a clean and sophisticated look. The case has an authentic texture and depth that can really make the product feel like actual woodgrain.

Lotsa Nice Products for Lotsa Nice Gadgets
Slickwraps makes a real nice line of cases available for the complete iPhone lineup. Prices are very appealing and therefore allows a shopper the possibility of buying a couple of different styles so that the gadget’s look can be varied from time to time – breathing a whole new stylish look to your iPhone in-between OS upgrades and newest iPhone releases.

Retails: $19.95 USD

3 of 5 stars


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