Charge Key – A ‘Jumper-Cable’ for your iPhone

ChargeKey is a USB plug-in device that is shaped pretty much like a key and designed to attached to your personal set of house keys or car keys in order to provide a handy way to recharge or sinc your mobile device at home or ‘on the go’.

images-2For a person who is travelling, it’s not always convenient to be carrying the factory supplied 30 inch connection cable which is required to synchronize or to recharge an iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have at hand some kind of ‘cable’  to use for this purpose without all the usual cable inconveniences, cable tangling etc?  This ChargeKey simply attaches to your chain of keys as nothing more intrusive than another ‘key’…and there you have it – Connectivity on the go!

Creative Concept, Practical Design

This handy little device, designed by a very creative thinking group in San Fransico, then successfully crowd funded on Indiegogo, is now the defacto ‘jumper cable’ for your phone. The ChargeKey is made from high-grade pliable plastics from Bayer (Germany) and GLS (USA) and can be depended on to perform its duties despite any bending or twisting without compromising service. The ChargeKey is available only with the android or for the iPhone 5 with the new Lightening Connector as the 30 pin version is phased out of production.


Touted as ‘the worlds smallest, most portable cable’, the

Always Have Your Cable With You

ChargeKey is the device that can be a real life saver at that moment when you’re on the road and you really really need that USB connectivity for a quick recharge or whatever.

MSR $25.00 USD

4 of 5 stars


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