Ultra Tuner for Guitar by iK Multimedia

UltraTuner is an excellent instrument tuner for use with Apple’s iPod, iPad and iPhone. UltraTuner is a delight to use because the software is versatile and the results are stunningly accurate. If you use UltraTuner to tune your guitar, you will immediately hear the difference. My Martin Guitar (DCPA4 Siri solid wood) has a built in tuner and I have several other tuners that I have used with the instrument, but after using UltraTuner, I really could hear the difference in the sound of the instrument. I realize this sounds like hype or exaggeration but in fact, the truth is UltraTune is phenomenal – and all this for under $5.00 from the App store.

ut_stage_guitarThe beauty of UltraTuner is its ease of use and its incredible accuracy. Not only does the UltraTuner really help you tune your guitar accurately and quickly, the UltraTuner is visually pleasing to use and is an excellent tool for all musical situations including live performance, studio work as well as for luthiers. After downloading UtlraTuner from the App store, the first thing you will want to do is try it out, then you will want to take a few moments to view the online instructional video, just to get quick grasp of all UltraTuner’s features.

UltraTuner has a plethora of useful settings that allow for customization to suit particular needs. Visually, UltraTuner has 3 MODES: Stage Mode, Studio Mode Pitch, Studio Mode Waveform. In Stage ModeUltraTuner is a straightforward, ultra-accurate instrument tuner featuring a unique, simple interface that’s very easy to see in low light conditions. In Studio Mode, UltraTuner’s versatility is immediately evident in its ability to switch environments and be utilized as a proprietary pitch-time tracking tool. Studio Mode allows you to monitor and track the accuracy of the pitch of a note in real time. This is extremely useful for vocal and ear training and playing non-chromatic instruments like violin, fretless bass, brass instruments and so forth.

Ultra Tuner 3

UltraTuner SpecificationsTuner Type: Chromatic, Automatic

  • Tuning Accuracy: 0.01 cents
  • Dual Mode: Stage and Studio
  • Large tuning indication visible at a distance
  • Pitch Tracking to see tuning variations over time
  • Audio Input: Built-in mic, Headset input, Digital Input (30-pin and Lightning)
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • Tuning Reference: 440 Hz, adjustable in 0.01 Hz steps
  • Tuning Temperaments: Equal, Pythagorean, Just Major, 1/4 Comma Mean Tone, Kimberger III, Werckmeister III, Young, Kellner
  • Transposition
  • Compatible with iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5 (native app), iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (5th and 4th generation), iPad Air, iPad 4th generation, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 2, iPad mini. ( iOS 6.1 or later required). Available as in-app purchase within Amplitude for iPhone and iPad

‘If you’re looking for the most accurate instrument and calibration tuner for iOS, then you’ve found it!’ UltraTuner, easy to use, extremely accurate and very versatile is a must have for all musicians and vocalists – UltraTuner is the one tool that musicians will love to use and keep you in tune – ALWAYS.

$4.99 CDN from the App Store







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