Eye-Fi Pro x2 SD Card to transfer images to iPhone

This card will add the ability to transfer photos from your digital camera to your iPhone / iPad (probably android as well as your computer). You should check the EyeFi website to confirm compatibility with your particular camera model. A connection DOES NOT REQUIRE that you are in a wifi zone because the Eye-fi card creates its own wifi route between the camera (Eye-fi Card) and the iPhone.
It is really ‘neat’ when it works
Sometimes the connection between the camera and the mobile device is established quickly and sometimes it just doesn’t want to connect so the experience can be frustrating.There is an application that has to be installed on to your computer. The preferences and settings for this EYE-Fi PRO x2 card needs to be set using your computer. Therefore before using the EYE-FI Pro X2 card, the card needs to be inserted into your computer and configured prior to first use. The FREE Eye-Fi APP must also be installed onto our iPhone or mobile device.
This PRO X2 version of the Eye-Fi card has the advantage over the mobi version in that you can select which photos you wish to send to the iPhone. BUT the process requires that you must go into your camera settings by ‘LOCKING’ each photo you want to include in each transfer.The purpose for which I would use this card for is really to provide the ability to take a photo with my Digital Camera and then to be able to have the convenience of sending particular photo (s) to my iPhone so that the image could be shared or emailed quickly.
This card will ‘upgrade’ your ‘qualified’ current camera for about a third of the price of the purchase of a newer camera with built in wifi. The newer current camera models with built in ‘Wifi’ will probably have slightly better software. So if you have a substantial investment in a DSLR that uses compact flash memory, it may be cost effective to purchase this EYE-FI Pro X2.
 If the software for the EyE-Fi x2 card was a little more intuitive with better features, I probably would have gone for the Eye-Fi Pro x 2 card. Its a cheaper solution and pretty much does the same job. HOWEVER, I was using a SONY DSC-WX100 (about $250  / 2 years old) and I think I will just purchase a new version of the SONY point and shoot with built in WIFI – DSC WX 350 (more current version of the WX100 with a few new features – about $300.) instead of purchasing this EYE FI Pro x 2 card.


$110.00 MSR

3 of 5 stars


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