NICE cord keeper for iPhone, iPod & iPad convenience

Power cables and wall worts for mobile devices are a necessity and always tend to get lost in your bag or tangled up which leads not only to inconvenience but also to premature cable wear and tear. To the rescue comes a delightfully practical product line from a company called Nice By Design to cleverly resolve tangled cable issues for your mobile devices once and for all.

Nice cord keeper

Secures your USB docking cable & power adaptors to keep them together

 Cable Keep is constructed of some sort of rubbery or silicone type of material that fits securely onto your existing charger and by design, most importantly accommodates management of the cable wire, to make knotted cable problems a thing of the past. The Cable Keeps are brightly coloured, which is not a cool design feature but makes them easier to locate as they colourfully stand out from most other items in your backpack, purse, drawer and table top. The colours also help define the various products which complete the line of cable keepers available from Nice by design:

Goldie – for the small iPhone/iPod adapter
NIbbles – for the larger iPad power adapter (International AdaptorEuro, UK, Aus/NZ prongs) with your charger
Gulp – for the larger iPad power adapter (for all iPad chargers, US & International)
Spike – Euro iPhone which accommodates the European sized power adapter
Ink – UK iPhone with the gargantuan sized British wall wort.

Nice by Design Cable Keeps are practical, well designed, quality products and are ‘pretty wall’ self explanatory. Nice by Design Cable Keeps are available individually for $13.00 US or can be purchased in Multi-Packs for $50.00 US which is a $10 savings.*

Gulp_MultiPack_435x351_largeNice by Design cable keeps for iPad Cable & Charger  ‘MultiPack’ 

Without a doubt, these Nice by Design Cable Keeps are a must have not only for convenience but also to protect your investment by avoiding premature cable wear and tear. Ultimately, keeping your mobile device cabling and power adapter handy is a requirement when it comes to enjoying the benefits of your iPhone, iPod and iPad whether at home or travelling around the world. Get one, they are really ‘NICE’.

Simple Design, Practical, Works right out of the box, No other assembly required




– Secures your USB docking cable to Apple™ power adaptors so cable & charger stay together
– Intuitive design keeps your cables tangle free when shoved in a bag, pocket, or purse and can shorten and organize when plugged into the wall.

*NOTE: cable & adapter not included of course





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