Noise Isolating Earphone Monitors – ‘Don’t leave home without ‘em


The Triple Fi 10vi noise isolating earphone monitors, with voice capability, from Ultimate Ears (UE) are no ordinary pair of earbuds.  These are marvelous headphones that provide a totally satisfying listening experience, without the gimmicks and colored sound. The audio experience from the Triple Fi 10vi  is a smooth all around sound, absent of harsh overtones devoid of mushy bass. The Triple Fi 10vi, penetrating well into the ear canal, actually feel good and are comfortable to wear. The silicone material used for the fittings allows these headphones to feel as close to a ‘custom fit’ as possible, contributing greatly to what I discovered to be a quite satisfying listening experience. The fine sound quality, beyond initial expectations, was no doubt, due in part to having been accustomed to listening to music with the standard iPod earbuds. Be that as it may, this fact cannot steal the thunder from the UE Triple Fi 10vi’s excellence, as I immediately appreciated the rich audio quality as well as the custom fit of these pro level, isolating earphone monitors.

Professional musicians will be most likely be familiar with the Ultimate Ears Brand, as this is THE Ultimate Ears company who provides the ‘custom fitted’ monitor ear buds used worldwide by pro recording artists as well as live concert musicians. Next time you are at a live musical concert or watching your favorite live music concert on DVD, notice the tiny earphones each performer, musician is wearing. These ‘tiny hearing aids’ are probably UE Custom Series monitor headsets designed for touring musicians and serious audiophiles. I have seen James Taylor use them, Gwen Stephanie and many more.  The UE product line is divided into four series, ‘Metro’,‘Super’, ‘Triple’ and ‘Custom’ providing a headset solution to suit every budget – fortunately there is in fact, a pair of UE’s available ‘for the rest of us’.

The Triple Fi 10vi is in the upper-mid to semi pro range, a worthy member of the UE family that ships with more accessories that one can initially identify. To obtain the most out of the Triple Fi 10vi experience, the first thing to do after unpacking and taking a close look at the headphones is to inspect all the accompanying contents. I highly recommend, even before ever wearing the new buds for the first time, pay a visit the UE website and view the brief online demonstration video which will explain all one needs to know about the product, from how they should be worn, the memory wire, to what all this stuff is that you will find in the box.

Here is a ‘heads up’ as to what you will find in the box:

A pocket sized 3 inch by 2 inch hard shell metal case to store the numerous accessories: silicone and foam ear cushions for the “magic seal” effect, an extender cable, a sound level attenuator, a cleaning tool and last but not least, a 1/4 inch adapter, to connect the Triple Fi 10vi’s 3.5 mm to equipment where necessary.

Here are a few things to consider:

1. The sound quality of the Triple Fi 10vi is strongly related to the fit. If the earphones are properly set into the ears the sound will be rich and full. The earbud cables have what is called ‘memory’ wire, knowledge of which is integral to creating a proper fit.

2. The Triple Fi 10vi with voice capability has built in microphone for use as a headset with the iPhone and as a recording mic on the iPod Touch 2G. Used with an iPhone the audio transmission was clearer than than ever for the usual telephone conversation.

3. The Multifunction button answers a call on the iPhone or pauses/resumes music and video play and works with the entire current iPod family of products.

4. The sound attenuator converter will adapt the FOUR section 3mm end that you would see on earbud/mic headsets that are usually used with the iPhone, to the THREE section end that you would see on the standard stereo iPod headphone jack. Use of the enclosed sound level attenuator converter, might be useful in re-solving unusual mechanical issues in some cases.


Technically, the clear sonic quality of the UE Triple Fi 10vi is primarily facilitated through state of the art audio design. Three drivers, directed to their designated speaker combined with an audio filtration system, shapes the sound of the Triple Fi 10vi. The goal is to provide the listener with an experience that is as close as possible to that of custom personal monitors.

The look and feel of the Triple Fi 10vi with voice capability can confidently be described as solid, and the sound quality is rich an creamy. The biggest dilemma which will arise, is that after using the Triple Fi 10vi, the ‘pleasure’  of listening to an iPod with the ‘standard buds’ will pretty much be lost forever. As one might say, “Once you go blue you can’t go back”, or something like that.

With the ‘Triple Fi 10vi with voice capability’ offering a whole new listening standard, the next time you take your iPod out for a walk, you’ll will likely be finding yourself sharing my headspace, thinking the very same thing: ‘don’t leave home without ‘em’. Visit the Utimate Ears website to experience the complete line up of  headphone monitors available for  every budget.

MSRP $419.00 USD

For more information visit  http://www.ultimateears.com/


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